The Solution for Learning

Reading is essential to learning. It is a key to success in school and throughout one’s whole life. Each higher grade level in school demands higher reading capacity. Both comprehension and fluency need to improve to be successful. This pattern is the same for adults as they advance. Our mission is to support reading efficacy from pre-K through college.

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The  Reading  Solution  Experience

Use Reading for Learning

Students who have sound developmental reading skills are ready to transition to independent silent reading, to develop good comprehension strategies and to work on reading proficiency.

Independent Life-long Learners

By integrating three domains into one personalized system, Reading Plus builds the physical skills essential for fluency and stamina, provides the personalized, leveled content that allows students to build vocabulary and comprehension, and taps into student interests to build confidence and motivation.

Test Prep and Tutoring

Core HS Tutoring & SAT/ACT Prep

With Chalk Talk, you don’t need to choose between teaching to curriculum or to exams — we do both at the same time. Our reporting algorithms break down student performance and identify granular concepts and skills where students need to improve. We rectify the students’ learning gaps using a blend of content modules, practice questions, and answer explanations. The sequence and selection of our practice content is adaptive for each student.


Remediation – Grades 3 through College

There are many reasons that students struggle to read at grade level. Having difficulty keeping up can have a negative impact on self-worth. We know how to teach almost anyone to read, but classes are so diverse that it is difficult to reach each student’s individual needs. A blended combination of technology and teacher instruction makes it possible for students to work at their own level and gives the teachers important data to drive instruction.


English Language Learners

Learning the English language is complicated for many students of other native languages. Often schools focus on teaching students to speak and read English using outdated methods. Our programs use a unique approach that focuses on developing auditory processing skills, an essential skill needed for all ESL students. With our Accelerator students will begin reading English today and then move on to higher levels of silent reading with comprehension.

Words Per Minute Goals

Help your students develop the Grade Level Fluency needed to be successful.
1st Grade Reading Fluency
3rd grade
Good comprehension for 6th grade
Good academic comprehension for 9th grade
Solid comprehension for 12th grade
Excellent comprehension for college & career