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Learning the English language is complicated for many students whose native language is not English. Often schools focus on teaching students to speak and read English using outdated methods. Sound Reading’s ESL-LEP and ESL-ACCEL programs use a unique approach that focuses on developing auditory processing skills, an essential skill needed for all ESL students. Sound Reading’s accelerates students’ ability to read English.
Sound Reading’s innovative software and groundbreaking reading practice is the simplest way to read English. For ten years Sound Reading has been the leader in research-based reading methods. Now Sound Reading brings this powerful science to help foreign language-speaking students master English.
Only Sound Reading tackles the sound and word patterns that make English so difficult to read – without tedious memorization or drills. Sound Reading Accelerator will teach students to read English in the manner that native speakers learn — SOUND – MATCH – READ.
Reading Plus – Once students have their foundational reading skills they need to master vocabulary and comprehension development.
Many ELL students are able to decode English text but struggle to comprehend what they have read. Reading Plus® has a variety of modules to help ELL students expand their word knowledge and develop their ability to use context clues to determine meaning, as well as to give them extensive comprehension skill-building activities.

Research Brief:
What is the effectiveness of Reading Plus® on ninth-grade intermediate ELL students’ reading scores as measured by the GRADE™?

Extensive research demonstrates that ELL students must develop silent reading proficiency to close the achievement gap and build a foundation for future academic and career success. To become competent readers in school and beyond, students with limited English ability need to strengthen comprehension and linguistic skills, expand vocabulary, and become more motivated and engaged in their reading instruction.

Summary of Findings
Reading Plus® demonstrated a statistically significant effect on ninth-grade intermediate ELL students’ reading scores. The Reading Plus® treatment group made significantly higher reading gains than the control group in both vocabulary and reading comprehension as measured by the GRADE™ test.
The Reading Plus® group also achieved statistically significant higher gains within both Vocabulary and Comprehension Composite subcomponents.


  • Motivates students to enjoy reading and spelling in English
  • Improves processing efficiency to differentiate individual phonemes within words.
  • Teaches English phonemic awareness, decoding and fluency.
  • Improves efficient physical interaction with print
  • Moves beyond oral reading to independent silent reading

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