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High School GPA and SAT/
ACT Test Prep Tutoring

Now that your students can read to learn with good fluency and comprehension, they can use our tutoring system for their high school subjects. If students are college bound, they can improve their ACT, SAT or Sat II scores.

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High School Curriculum Tutoring

We help you master the concepts and skills you need to ace your high school math and ELA subjects and prepare for your standardized exams (ACT and SAT).

The Benefits and Skills Taught include:

  • Diagnostic testing – This calibrates our platform to students’ academic ability
  • Detailed Reporting – Our reporting algorithms break down student performance and identify granular concepts and skills that students need to improve. This enables students to know precisely where to spend their study time.
  • Personalized Lessons and Practice – Closing students’ learning gaps with a blend of content modules, practice questions, and answer explanations. The sequence and practice content is adaptive for each student.

Six ways we’re different:

  • The only software that is fully adaptive
  • The only software that aligns test prep to curriculum
  • The only software with one course to cover many exams
  • More practice questions than any other program
  • Unmatched results
  • Unmatched technology

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