5th through 12th and Beyond


Independent Academic and Career Reading -
5th Through 12th And Beyond

By integrating three domains into one personalized system, Reading Plus builds the physical skills essential for fluency and stamina, provides the personalized, leveled content that allows students to build vocabulary and comprehension, and taps into student interests to build confidence and motivation.

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Reading Plus – 5th Grade through High School & beyond

Independent Silent Reading – “The Skill Tested Most but Taught Least.”

Silent reading is all around us. It’s how we navigate our world. It is how we take our tests. To become independent, lifelong learners, students must be able to master independent silent reading. Reading Plus helps students do that by building the unseen and unheard skills that make them efficient silent readers. This makes comprehension possible and learning inevitable. Reading Plus integrates the three domains of reading – Physical, Intellectual and Emotional. It also includes writing components to make the important connection between learning from reading and the ability to demonstrate understanding through the written word.

Reading Plus is the only reading program that integrates the three domains of reading:
  1. Physical – the visual processing of text with fluency
  2. Cognitive – building vocabulary and comprehension skills
  3. Emotional – increasing interest, confidence, and motivation

The Benefits include:

  • Text Read as Intended by the Author
  • Expanded Reading Capacity and Efficiency
  • Motivated Readers
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary and Contextual Analysis
  • Text-dependent Comprehension
  • Higher-order Thinking
  • Reading/Writing Connection

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