3rd and 4th Grade


Transition to Reading to Learn -
3rd - 4th Grade

Students who have sound developmental reading skills are ready to become proficient silent readers with good comprehension strategies. If students have not mastered their reading fundamentals, they need efficient remediation to prevent falling further behind. Beginning in 3rd grade and thereafter, learning depends on reading.

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3rd and 4th Grade


The 3rd and 4th grades are a critical period when students establish habits and attitudes about reading. Students in these grades need to begin moving beyond reading aloud so they can master the skills of silent fluency and comprehension. The most tested but least taught skill is silent reading. We offer the only experience that offers a designed smooth transition from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn that develops the often unseen and unheard fluency skills of silent reading. Of course, some students in theses grades are still lacking the fundamental skills needed to read. It is essential that these skills be remediated as quickly as possible so students move on to more mature reading skills. The Reading Solution’s blended learning experience provides the necessary support.

The Benefits of Reading Plus

  • Fluency at Grade level
  • Read text as author intended
  • Stamina
  • Higher order thinking
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension strategies (20 types)
  • Relevant topics for students of different ages/interests
  • Overcome bad reading habits: wandering through text, regressions, stopping on words too often
  • Motivation – learning to love reading

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